Talk is cheap. Action matters. As Secretary of State, Scott Gessler has shown consistent, principled leadership. He stood up for election integrity and stared down relentless liberal attacks. He put conservative principles into action by cutting fees, slashing red tape, and making government serve people and businesses – not the other way around. This is a clear vision. This is leadership.

Leadership also means leading the Republican Party to victory, so that conservative principles can succeed. Scott proved that we can communicate conservative principles in practical, positive terms – and win statewide elections! In 2010 he beat a popular, Democrat incumbent Secretary of State – not by a little, but by a solid margin. With your help, in November we will again beat a Democrat incumbent.


To be sure, Colorado has pockets of excellence. But our schools perform below the international competition, and nearly half of our low-income kids don’t even graduate high school. To make matters worse, Colorado has adopted mediocre, top-down, “common core” standards. Scott fundamentally opposes Common Core, and is instead committed to improving performance standards, strengthening school choice programs, increasing pay for high-performing teachers, and removing burdensome, top-down mandates.

In a time when public schools are in dire need of commonsense reforms, Scott has the know-how and experience to fix the system. As Secretary of State he led the highest-performing state agency – as viewed by state employees themselves! He will limit bureaucratic red tape, and improve performance. 


Our current governor promised to be pro-business. Instead he ignored Colorado's businesses, increased energy costs and legal liabilities, and pushed for a $1 billion tax increase. Today, Colorado has one of the worst unemployment rates in the region.

But Colorado remains a place of freedom and opportunity. A Gessler administration will encourage business growth by keeping our taxes and energy costs low. As Secretary of State, Scott cut fees, reduced regulations, and made government more efficient. He’ll do the same as governor. Instead of pushing more taxes, fees and regulations, he will build a culture in state government that works to make life easier for people and businesses – not punish them whenever they make a mistake. It is government’s job to create an environment in which all businesses innovate and grow.


Our ideologically-driven governor made it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, drove jobs out of the state, all while doing nothing to reduce crime. Scott Gessler will roll back last year’s unconstitutional gun laws, and there will be no more unconstitutional gun-grabs under a Gessler Administration. Scott believes in upholding all the liberties in the United States Constitution. This includes the right to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment. 


Life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I am pro-life, and I will continue to follow these principles. Unfortunately, we have a governor that values the life of a convicted murderer more than he values the life of an expectant mother or her child. This is backward. Large majorities of Coloradans oppose partial-birth abortions and abortion-on-demand for teenagers. We need someone to speak for that majority.


Frankly, healthcare is a mess. The President blatantly lied when he promised “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Our governor is a cheerleader for Obamacare, and he loyally backed over-reaching, expensive, big government legislation. He even went so far as to cover-up for ultra-liberal Senator Mark Udall who tried to intimidate Colorado’s Division of Insurance into cooking the numbers.

Instead of covering up Obamacare’s flaws, we need a governor who will honestly explain the real problems with our health care system. Unfortunately, this federal monster has put Colorado in a straight-jacket, but Scott Gessler will push for market-based reforms, so people can buy the insurance that’s right for them. 


Over the past five years, Coloradan’s income has been stuck in the mud. Yet this governor has been happy to pile on more taxes, more fees, and more costs. Our governor is the poster child for liberal, tax-and-spend government. He pushed to increase taxes by one billion dollars each year. He successfully increased utility bills by forcing utilities to buy out-of-state energy credits. He has been a cheerleader for higher property taxes, and he drove government spending on entitlements through the roof. Our families are tapped out.

Our state government has to be more efficient and live within its means. As Secretary of State, Scott Gessler has done this. He cut business fees, and today Colorado’s business fees are lowest in the nation, while our customer service consistently beats world-class, best practices. Under a Gessler Administration, we're going to change the culture of government to be more customer-driven. In the good years, we need to make investments that benefit our customers and taxpayers of Colorado. And in lean years we need to reduce government spending, just like Colorado families have had to reduce their spending.


Colorado has almost 400,000 veterans, and we owe them the best. As an Army officer and veteran, Scott had the honor to serve with some of America’s finest men and women. As Secretary of State, he served our military members by giving them the tools to easily vote, helping military and overseas vote turnout skyrocket 65%. Scott will build on this “can-do” attitude, aggressively working to ensure that our veterans have the training and career opportunities to build fulfilling civilian careers. And Scott Gessler will keep faith with veterans who face physical or mental health challenges. That means holding our federal government accountable and stepping in with state resources when necessary.


Scott Gessler began his career as a federal prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice and he served in the United States Army. Upholding the rule of law is at the very core of our stability as a free society. The safety of law-abiding Coloradans should always take priority over those who have chosen to break the law and harm us.

But our governor shelved justice for a brutal, remorseless, convicted killer, whom a jury sentenced to pay the greatest price under Colorado law. Our governor has decided he won’t enforce Colorado’s death penalty. Our governor has also pushed to release convicted, violent criminals as soon as possible. Many of these violent criminals have gone on to murder innocent people.

A Gessler Administration will uphold the law. It will respect the death penalty for brutal murderers, and it will work to keep violent inmates in prison for their full sentences. They will no longer receive time off for time spent in solitary confinement. Coloradans deserve to be safe from violent predators.