Staff poll: Gessler vs. Hickenlooper


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Staff poll: Gessler vs. Hickenlooper

Colorado State employees were surveyed about their experiences with their bosses, your elected officials. The results are a HUGE blow to the credibility of Governor Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper receives low marks from his OWN employees:

• Capacity to act on innovative ideas (29%)
• Leaders give clear picture of direction (34%)
• New employees get needed training (36%)
• Confidence in leaders (40%)
• Leadership – Overall (36%)

Now that’s sad. What’s ironic is this is a poll Hickenlooper started!

I’m not exempted from this scrutiny either. Here are my key results:

• Supervisor supports work/life balance (89%)
• Employees have right skills (86%)
• Trust, Confidence in Supervisor (81%)
• Processes, systems enable consistent service (81%)
• Overall Immediate Supervisor results (81%)

As your Secretary of State I cut fees by over $3 million, removed illegal immigrants from our voter rolls and slashed regulations. And I managed to do it while respecting the hard working staff who work with me.

This is the type of governor I’ll be … if I have your support.

As you know, I set a goal of raising $10,812 by March 31st, and we’re only $7,952 away now. Donate $10 or more today to help me become the Republican nominee and take on Hickenlooper head-to-head.