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About Scott Gessler

Fearless Conservative

Scott Gessler is known as the Honey Badger of Colorado politics. Even the Washington Post called him “the most closely watched election official in the country . . . his ready-to-rumble personality and a series of loud disputes with what he terms the ‘angry left.’” He’s not only fearless in fighting for others. He’s also effective.

Election Integrity Expert

Gessler is one of the nation’s leading experts in elections and election integrity. In November, the Trump campaign hired him as its testifying expert in election challenges in Nevada and Pennsylvania. Gessler also was retained to be the election expert for pre-election lawsuits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, and lawsuits last cycle in Florida. In Colorado, he implemented the nation’s most secure vote-by-mail system (despite his deep concerns about vote-by-mail election integrity), developed the nation’s first comprehensive system to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls, pioneered new ways to get ballots to our military and overseas civilians, and even ordered ballot recounts when questions arose about tabulation equipment. As an attorney, he has litigated nearly every type of election law case, including many First Amendment and Due Process constitutional challenges. And he has taught election law at the University of Colorado and University of Denver.

Strategic Communicator

More than any other recent state officeholder, Gessler learned how to get a compelling conservative message out to the public, even in the face of a hostile mainstream media. He transformed the Colorado Secretary of State’s office into a high-profile, powerful conservative voice, and he effectively got coverage of important issues like election integrity, First Amendment freedoms, and low business fees. Even Democrats in the state legislature adopted his approach to limiting freedom-crushing campaign finance laws. (Although they never admitted it . . . )

Gessler has helped craft public policy messaging for candidates, parties, ballot issues, independent groups, candidates, and activists. In short, he knows how to vigorously — and thoughtfully – shift public debate in a conservative direction.

Experienced Political Activist

Most importantly, Gessler has been a candidate three times – once for city council, and twice as a statewide candidate. In 2014 outside observers recognized that he ran an “organized and disciplined” campaign for governor. He understands what candidates need and where candidates are often left in the lurch. He is an experienced fundraiser, having raised over a million dollars in Colorado through his campaigns and other political activities.

At the same time, Gessler has worked for scores of other candidates, from U.S. President to local city council and has seen how a strong state party can help. He brings to bear a deep working knowledge of how outside groups operate. Even after leaving public office in 2015, Gessler remained active, serving as Colorado legal counsel for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and volunteering in the Georgia Republican Party War Room in the recent Senate run-offs.

Public Servant

In 1990 Gessler took an oath to uphold the Constitution and joined the U.S. Army. Proud to wear the uniform, he has served overseas and served in a variety of units – Judge Advocate, Civil Affairs, and Special Forces. He started his career as a prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice and has served on dozens of community boards and commissions. Most recently, he served on the statewide judicial performance commission, where he led the successful effort to reform how Colorado reviews its judges.

And Some Personal Information…

Mr. Gessler is married to his wife Kristi, and they have two wonderful children – Sofia and Eric. He currently practices law at the firm Gessler Blue, LLC. He received degrees from Yale (B.A. in history and political science), University of Michigan (J.D.) and Northwestern University (M.B.A.).


My campaign for state party chair is proud to announce its first round of 50 endorsements. More are on the way, as Colorado Republicans rally around a winning plan!


Elected Officials

Chris Holbert, State Senator
John Cooke, State Senator
Rob Woodward, State Senator
Larry Liston, State Senator
Hugh McKean, State Representative
Rod Bockenfeld, State Representative
Shane Sandridge, State Representative
Rod Pelton, State Representative
Mike Lynch, State Representative
Matt Soper, State Representative
Richard Holtorf, State Representative
Colin Larson, State Representative
Dan Woog, State Representative
Sue Sharkey, University of Colorado Regent
Chance Hill, University of Colorado Regent
Deborah Scheffel, State Board of Education Commissioner
Stephanie Piko, Centennial Mayor
Wayne Williams, Colorado Springs City Councilman (and former Colorado Secretary of State)
Francoise Bergan, Aurora City Councilmember
Merlin Klotz, Douglas County Clerk and Recorder
Carly Koppes, Weld County Clerk
Chuck Broerman, El Paso County CLerk
Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk

Party Officers

Terry Hammond, Alamosa County Republican Party Chair
Suzanne Steiert, Arapahoe County Republican Party Chair
Dave Williams, Chaffee County Republican Party Chair
Nick Kliebenstein, Broomfield County Republican Party Chair
Garrett Flicker- Denver County Republican Party Chair
Kaye Ferry, Eagle County Republican Party Chair
Nila Croll, Larimer County Republican Party Vice Chair
Clay Hirikata, Otero County Republican Party Vice Chair
Marla Reichert, Pueblo County Republican Party Chair
Bob Jenkins, Pitkin County Republican Party Vice Chair
Richard Drake, Sagauche County Republican Party Chair
Tom Vancone, Weld County Republican Party Chair
Kris Cook, Former Denver County Republican Party Chair
David Brittain, Former Denver County Republican Party Vice-Chair
Judy Case, Fromer Denver County Republican Party Vice Chair
Marla Reichert, Former Pueblo County Republican Party Chair

Republican Leaders

Hank Brown, former United States Senator
Bob Schaffer, former Congressman and State Board of Education Chair
Ted Harvey, former State Senator
Skinny Winkler, former State House Representative
Kit Roupe, former State House Representative
Matt Durkin, former candidate for District Attorney
Brandi Meeks, former Republican State Party Secretary
Bob Balink, former El Paso Clerk and Recorder
Joe Webb, former Jefferson County Republican Party Chair
Casper Stockham, former Congressional candidate and FEC United Board Member
Suzanne Staiert, former candidate for state senate and former Colorado Deputy Secretary of State
Clark Bolser, former Adams County Republican Party Chair
Lynne Gerber, former candidate for state senate
Caroline Cornell, former candidate for state house
Kathleen Chandler
Lynn Myers
Regina Thompson, Arapahoe County Tea Party Vice-Chair
LeMoine Dowd, former Boulder County Vice Chair
Amy Naes
George Allen
Tina Francone, former Jefferson County Commissioner
Russel Haas
Keri Ebel
Carrie Couey, former Garfield County Republican Party Chair
Sheryl Fernandez

How to Rebuild and Win

The state party must focus on a few critical items necessary to rebuild and win. It cannot do everything. But it can make a big difference in helping rebuild legislative majorities and winning statewide offices.

Helping Candidates Win

The state party must help our candidates win. Not just with words, but with actions. Our candidates and our county parties look for help, but their phone calls often go unanswered. Republican candidates need support but find little in the way of training, personnel, volunteers, and money. Candidates and county parties often beg for better access to voter data. Under my leadership, the party will flawlessly execute on the basics. We will recruit better. We will provide extensive training and support. We will help campaigns find qualified personnel. We will help candidates raise funds. And during campaigns, we will hold Democrat candidates accountable.

Holding Democrats Accountable

The party must hold Democrats accountable for their bad policies and bad behavior. Year after year our candidates get crushed by the left-wing media machine, with no effective response. Democratic statewide officeholders go unchallenged by a fawning media, a servile academy, and Republican-hating Big Tech. Our party’s timidity in the past has brought us to this present moment. And it is the Republican Party that must stick its neck out, break through and get the truth out. The Republican Party has a bully pulpit, and it needs to use that platform. We need to explain the truth to a hostile mainstream media, give our conservative friends the information they need to inform their viewers and listeners, and communicate directly with voters. Finally, the Party can – in limited ways – serve as opposition for statewide Democratic officeholders.

Growing the Party

We must grow our party. We can and must welcome independents and conservative-leaning voters everywhere into our big tent. Over the last decade, Republican voter registration has slipped. We now trail Democrats by significant margins, and in many districts the Republican Party is slowly, inexorably, slipping into irrelevance. President Trump showed that many blue collar and minority voters share our values. Only by inviting and welcoming more people to our coalition can we ensure the party’s long-term success. Voter registration and voter persuasion are hard work. But this is how we build a durable, winning coalition.

Election Integrity

Colorado Republicans must fight for election integrity. Without fair elections, representative government is lost. As the Trump campaign’s election integrity expert, Gessler saw problems and outright fraud committed in other states. And he’s fought for election integrity for years. He launched the nation’s first statewide program to identify and remove noncitizens from voter rolls and implemented voter integrity measures in Colorado. With widespread concern about voting equipment, Colorado should conduct a thorough ballot review.  In fact, Gessler did exactly that when accusations arose over election fraud in Sagauche County. As Secretary of State, he stood alone, against the left-wing media and the Colorado Clerk and Recorder’s Association, by demanding a hand-review of ballots in three disputed elections. Gessler ultimately prevailed, and his courage and determination to hand-review ballots put to rest accusations of election-night voter fraud. As Party Chair, Gessler will continue to fight for election integrity.