How to Rebuild and Win

The state party must focus on a few critical items necessary to rebuild and win. It cannot do everything. But it can make a big difference in helping rebuild legislative majorities and winning statewide offices.


The state party must help our candidates win. Not just with words, but with actions. Our candidates and our county parties look for help, but their phone calls often go unanswered. Republican candidates need support but find little in the way of training, personnel, volunteers, and money. Candidates and county parties often beg for better access to voter data. Under my leadership, the party will flawlessly execute on the basics. We will recruit better. We will provide extensive training and support. We will help campaigns find qualified personnel. We will help candidates raise funds. And during campaigns, we will hold Democrat candidates accountable.


The party must hold Democrats accountable for their bad policies and bad behavior. Year after year our candidates get crushed by the left-wing media machine, with no effective response. Democratic statewide officeholders go unchallenged by a fawning media, a servile academy, and Republican-hating Big Tech. Our party’s timidity in the past has brought us to this present moment. And it is the Republican Party that must stick its neck out, break through and get the truth out. The Republican Party has a bully pulpit, and it needs to use that platform. We need to explain the truth to a hostile mainstream media, give our conservative friends the information they need to inform their viewers and listeners, and communicate directly with voters. Finally, the Party can – in limited ways – serve as opposition for statewide Democratic officeholders.


We must grow our party. We can and must welcome independents and conservative-leaning voters everywhere into our big tent. Over the last decade, Republican voter registration has slipped. We now trail Democrats by significant margins, and in many districts the Republican Party is slowly, inexorably, slipping into irrelevance. President Trump showed that many blue collar and minority voters share our values. Only by inviting and welcoming more people to our coalition can we ensure the party’s long-term success. Voter registration and voter persuasion are hard work. But this is how we build a durable, winning coalition.